Mastercam Tech Tips

Technical tips for Mastercam users


Live Machining: Mastercam Dynamic Motion

Prism Engineering tested Mastercam's Dynamic Motion technology by machining a complex part LIVE. The results were so astounding--no breaks and a smooth, quick cut finishing in just over 12 minutes--we had to share the results.


Webinar: What is Mastercam Dynamic Motion?

This 30-minute Prism Engineering webinar demonstrates how to harness the power of Mastercam's dynamic motion technology, which is a feature included in some Mastercam CAM packages. Mastercam, the most widely used CAM software in the world, enables you to reduce job cycle time, increase tool life, and reduce machine wear by harnessing the power of toolpaths developed with Dynamic Motion. Dynamic motion toolpaths use material-aware technology to generate toolpaths that are faster, cause less tool stress, and decrease machine wear.

High Feed Machining with Mastercam

Feed Rate Optimization is a technique that allows shops to increase machining efficiency by optimizing the feed rate to suit the moment-by-moment cutting conditions. Based on the volume of material removal and tool limitations, feed rates are produced that correlate with the specific job: slower during high-volume removal, faster during low-volume removal. Learn how to optimize your 2-/3-axis toolpaths with this High Feed Machining tutorial from Prism Engineering, Inc.

Manufacturing Your 3D Model

Get one step closer to turning your 3D CAD model into reality. In this video, we'll use Mastercam and Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS to demonstrate how to create 3D surface roughing toolpaths, 3D surface finishing toolpaths, and how to use stock model.

 To learn more about SOLIDWORKS, visit the Prism Engineering Blog.

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