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uPrint Printers

uPrint® Personal 3D Printers give you more flexibility than ever for making 3D models for visualization, collaboration, and functional testing.
uPrint is compact enough to fit on your desktop; simple enough for no-hassle setup and operation; and - best of all - affordable enough for most users, no matter your profession or office size.

No more long waits in the queue of a central 3D printer, or for models to arrive from an outside service bureau. uPrint lets you print whatever you want, whenever you want, as any times as you want.

Now you have your choice of uPrint 3D Printers:


  • Fully Functional ABSplus Ivory Models

uPrint Plus

  • 8 More Color Options

  • Larger Build Size

  • Faster Build Option

All uPrint 3D Printers are easy to use and maintain. They're perfect for your office.
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